Saturday, November 1, 2008


We have waited nearly eight years for next Tuesday to come. Eight brutal, inept years, marked with an illegal occupation of a country that did nothing to us, and posed no threat. A nation so weak the administration needed to invent and deliberately mis-characterize the intelligence reports to the American people to prevent an uprising.
Our economy has finally gone from the surpluses of the Clinton administration to the rock bottom we experience today. No job creation, rising unemployment levels and record home foreclosures. The public confidence in our representatives at every level, is at an all time low. You would need a micron telescope in order to find one thing, one particle of minutia that could be called a positive result of the incredibly stupid public exercise that was electing George Bush and Dick Cheney, not once, but twice.
So, three days before our next election, the question deserves asking....Why on God's earth is the election so tight? How can the McCain campaign find a group of citizens so unintelligent, so misinformed that they would possibly want to risk four more years of arguably the worst administration in our lifetimes?
Given that Obama has made the case for McCain's love of all things Bush, and given that McCain has put an absolute political incompetent on his ticket, a woman whose candidacy has been marked by daily examples of her ignorance in almost every possible area, we should be up by twenty, no, thirty points in the polls. And yet, we are sweating this one out, and will be to the very end of November 4th.
This should be a landmark decision. A landslide, a clear mandate that the American populous have finally awoken, and we will tolerate this no more. We can't afford to squeak out a victory. We need an overwhelming and distinct victory on Tuesday.
We need a victory the size that rocks the Republican party by the foundation, a true cataclysmic event. We need to declare November 4th forever more as Republican epiphany day, a national holiday that marks the power of the people, and gives a glimmer of hope that the moderates of each party might band together and give rise to a third party.
We can't afford overconfidence, or hubris today or tomorrow. We can't look past this Tuesday, and pick our cabinet, our chief of staffs, or request the health information on all of the Supreme Court Justices. We need to make sure we get this done.
There is a reason why John McCain is spouting off about a possible victory next Tuesday. His base sincerely believes God wants them to show up at the polls and in doing so, will help to ban baby killing and inhibit the sin of homosexuality.
Our base is currently hanging streamers and planning victory party menus.....for a victory that could be circumvented by our arrogance and belief that this is inevitable. So inevitable that our votes are not critical. So, we sweat it out, pace the floors, and continue to check the Weather Channel in fear that bad weather might inhibit the liberal turn out at the polls.
Our reticence is justified, we have seen this movie all before. 2000 and 2004. and, as devastating as those two ill fated Democratic efforts had on our country, they will be nothing compared to the devastation that will be caused by the old man and the hockey mom.
So, mark your calenders, call all of your friends, drink a glass of warm milk before retiring for the evening, and double up on your Prozac dosage for the next few mornings. This is going to be a rough few days to come. And, in one last bit bit of irony, with the time change which occurs Sunday Morning, we get an extra hour to sweat it out...
And that is the world...."The World According to Kimba." Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!
been very busy lately, I should take a minute and stop in and see you!!
Maybe after the happy time Tuesday Eve.
I wear a guarded smile when I watch CNN for the good news on the polls, and even FOX to see what they are complaining about people just like me and the other liberal media. I guess it wasn't so liberal when their beloved Bush was doing his deeds of doom. I feel badly they didn't raise much money or can't get the crowds to come out to hear the old guy. Too bad but the whole bunch, including the Liberman, are losers. I can't wait to see what they will do the end of the week, after the big Tuesday. It's been a very long 22 months, and a lifetime the last 8 years.
Finally it is about to be over, and hopefully a great new start to a once great country.
Call if you have a chance-805-218-5562.
Dave L.