Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Barack Obama. He has been portrayed as the anti-Christ, the Messiah, a radical sympathizer, the next JFK, a tax and spend liberal, a race baiter, a bigot, he's black, he's a dark skinned white, anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-white, a Muslim, a socialist, a hope monger, a liar, a closet communist, a Hugo Chavez junior, a charlatan and a host of other very appealing labels. OK, fine, it was election time, and the opposition desperately looked for something that would stick to Obama's hard Teflon coating.

But how on earth does anyone connect the dots and come up with the inane comparison between Obama and Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Castro (the poster above was found in a McCain campaign office in Florida according to reports)? By appealing to the youth vote to become engaged in the process? For calling for "change? (and at a time when the current administrations favorables were hovering just above 28).

The truth is, even after getting elected, he is still searching....no, the American population is searching for his true identity. And as his administration solidifies, we will begin to see the true measure of this man. And as we do, I for one think America will breathe a collective sigh of relief. Not only Democrats, but Republicans as well. I still think deep down inside, even most moderate Republicans hoped to hell McCain and especially Palin would not be elected.

And so now, the country waits, hopefully with an open mind, and the realization that it took King George II eight years to get us to this precipice, and it will take more than hope and one four year term to get us out of it.


Jennifer said...

Perhaps the reign of King George II has put us all in such a state of high alert that we've become conditioned to think in terms of worst case scenario. If we think all these horrible things about Obama, then anything he does that doesn't resemble Castro and his ilk will be a pleasant surprise. We need him to succeed so badly that we're psyching ourselves up to see him fail so that anything that isn't a failure will be cake. This is the pathetic state we've come to. Skeptics can look at those who are putting all their seemingly blind hope into Obama's hands and say, "boy are they in for a rude awakening," but at the same time, I think there's some jealousy of that hopeful feeling going on.

As for the youth movement, it's like any other weapon. In the wrong hands it can do great harm, but with the right leadership there is much progress that can be achieved.

Jennifer said...

Interesting NPR segment on the identity crisis: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=96980445

Papa Giorgio said...


Barack has admitted himself that he liked reading communist authors. In fact, his "community organizing" skills was modeled after a book he read (self-admitted) by Saul Alinsky. He also had close connections to Ayers, who Ayers himself (after the election of Barry) said is a close family friend. Also Barry went to a church that taught a theology that his pastor said on TV is closely related to Nicaraguan Marxists. He also got into Harvard via the help of a self-admitted Communist that wrote a letter of approval and was given to the administration by Barry as part of his "admissions" packet. Other revolutionary members of the American Communist Party (an oxymoron... for now) that had ties to Barry. So while the poster you have may not convey the idea well. Anyone can challenge me on these facts and get a cogent answer.


Kim said...

It seems to me that our government is a mixture of every possible philosophy and belief, from socialism to libertarianism. I remain unafraid of Barack and his agenda. I especially agree with his filling his transition team with many believers (as am I) in the ultimate form of governmental philosophies, Clintonism.

What does hit me as funny is your continual use of his childhood preferred name of "Barry." It's a lot like my insistance at calling the George Bushies "King George I and II."

Hope all is well, Kimba

BTW, imagine the reverse-Reagan spectacle caused when Obama goes to Israel and proclaims, "Put UP this wall!!" Ironic, to be sure.