Tuesday, November 25, 2008


He has been called every name in the book. Radical, socialist, communist, Muslim, foreign born alien, plagiariser, race-baiter, political neophyte, anti-Semitic, you name it. He has taken more hits than Rocky Balboa.
And the hits just keep coming. The blogs and pundits are grilling him for assembling a third term of Clinton. And, yes, the players on his team are experienced veterans of the Clinton administrations....Emanuel, Summers, Richardsen, Geithner, even the first lady herself. But let me ask you, who on earth does he have to pick from? It is not like he has a plethora of experienced national leaders not associated with the former Clinton administrations. It is not like we have had a parade of former Democratic Presidents, is it?
What is he supposed to do, pull from the Carter administration? Carter had the same problem. So, he pulled from the people he trusted, a Georgian delegation solely made up of state leaders, with zero national experience, or exposure. And we all know how that went.
Obama is too intelligent to go with an all-rookie squad from Illinois. He wants a dream team, with as much experience and knowledge on the national level as humanly possible. While the buzz words "Team of Rivals" is thrown around Washington, the fact is the cabinet will be filled with the best and the brightest Democratic minds around, and that ain't all bad, especially in a period that will require immediate actions, and "right the first time" strategies.
And, if your particular preference of "change" means all new fresh faces on the political scene, then I invite you to stop talking about "Clinton Administration III, the Remake," and take in a re-run, "The Carter Years: Four Years We Will Never Get Back."
And that is the world......"The World According to Kimba".......As always, thanks for reading.

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