Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Total Cost: estimated at $150,000,000.00+, the most expensive in history.
Purchasing tickets: soon to be illegal (bill in Congress now)
Records: most security (for 4 days, including the Obama / Lincoln train ride in), most bridges closed for security, 5,265 surveillance cameras, most bomb sniffing dogs and most metal detectors. Thousands of extra police (8,164), military troops and law enforcement agents, including plain clothes officers roaming the crowds, will be on hand to handle the potentially 2 million people (which will be a record) who could descend on the nation's capital.
Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:
Firearms and ammunition (either real or simulated)
Explosives of any kind (including fireworks)
Knives, blades, or sharp objects (of any length)
Mace and/or pepper spray
Sticks or poles
Pocket or hand tools
Laser pointers
Animals (other than service animals)
Alcoholic beverages

Schedule of events: Morning Worship Service, Procession to the Capitol, Vice President’s Swearing-In Ceremony, President’s Swearing-In Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Departure of the Outgoing President, Inaugural Luncheon (menu above), Inaugural Parade, and Inaugural balls (8 and counting).

Feel jealous because you can't attend?: Here is a fact to let you appreciate watching it on CNBC in your leather recliner....if all two million people show up that they expect, there will be one porta-potty for every 6,000 people. How does that work?

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